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Jayden Boettcher Dead: Teen Killed In Crash Loved Trips With His Best Friend


Jayden Boettcher and his best friend Tarren Attfield loved travelling together, but their lives came to a tragic end when a car they were travelling in collided with a semi on a highway near Lloydminster on Saturday.

Boettcher, 16, was one of six teens, all aged between 13 and 17, who were killed in a crash between a semi and their vehicle on Highway 17.

His mother described Jayden to the CBC as a fitness enthusiast who loved snowboarding, playing basketball and going on trips with his best friend.

RCMP say the collision happened at an intersection while the car had been heading east along a rural township road.

Five of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. One, who is believed to be Jayden by one of the families involved in the crash, was rushed to hospital but died a short time later.

"Somehow he had been able to free himself from the vehicle when our members got there," Cpl. Rob King.

Jayden was best friends with Tarren Attfield, a teen who was also in the car and who was killed in the crash. Jayden phoned his mother back home in Marshall because he was having trouble with his Pontiac Sunfire.

She phoned a gas station and they gave him $20 worth of gas because she promised to return the next day and pay the bill, said Dalbert Attfield, Tarren's dad.

RCMP said they got a call about 4:30 a.m. on Saturday about a semi roll-over south of Lloydminster. First responders found the truck, which was hauling crude oil, on its roof in a road-side slough.

The two-door Sunfire was completely submerged and out of sight, and it took some time to retrieve the bodies of two other boys and three girls.

Police have identified the other victims as Kristopher Tavener, 17, of Marshall, Naomi Salas-Schafer, 13, and Aimie Candace Elizabeth Hurley and Mackenzie Moen, both 14, all of Lloydminster.

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