07/29/2013 03:06 EDT | Updated 09/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Ruth Robinson Convicted: Sharpe Lake Rancher Guilty Of Killing Dog

KAMLOOPS, B.C. - A B.C. rancher who claimed her neighbour's dog had been attacking her livestock has been convicted of killing the animal.

Ruth Robinson was in tears outside the Kamloops, B.C., court and expressed her disappointment at the judge's ruling.

Robinson, who owns a ranch in Sharpe Lake, in B.C.'s south Cariboo, admitted at her trial that she shot the large dog with a rifle.

She testified that she believed she was justified under the Livestock Act because the 55-kilogram Leonberger dog was chasing her cattle.

Provincial court Judge Chris Cleaveley found Robinson guilty of killing or injuring an animal under the Criminal Code.

The Crown has called for a jail sentence of up to 90 days, but the judge, who reserved his sentencing decision, indicated he won't impose a jail term. (CHNL)

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