07/30/2013 10:58 EDT

Olivia Wilde Looks Unrecognizable On Fashion Magazine Cover (PHOTO)

Olivia Wilde is known for her natural beauty but you wouldn't be able to tell based on the cover of Fashion magazine's September issue.

The "TRON: Legacy" actress falls victim to a case of Photoshop frency in the Canadian mag, which airbrushed the 29-year-old beyond recognition. The one shade of pale makeup and the dark eyes make the star look like a Kabuki performer and the pore-less, smooth face gives the former "The O.C." star doll-like features.

While Jason Sudeikis' fiancée is gorgeous, we know that she gets help from makeup for that flawless look.

The brunette beauty told Elle magazine that when she's not flaunting her makeup-free face she has go-to products that she totes around with her:

"I have fun with makeup. I use a lot of Revlon, of course. I can't live without their foundations, because they all have SPF in them, and I love their gel pot eyeliners. Their lip crayons stay really well, too. Oh, and I love the eyebrow pencils. I do my brows every day. I won't leave my house without my brows!"

What do you think of Fashion magazine's cover? Do you think they used too much Photoshop on Olivia?

Magazines really love airbrushing:

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