07/30/2013 11:25 EDT | Updated 09/29/2013 05:12 EDT

Regina Humane Society says Saskatchewan's animal protection laws are outdated

REGINA - A spokesman for the Regina Humane Society says there is truth to a new report that suggests Saskatchewan has some of the weakest animal abuse laws in the country.

Don Simons says the province's laws are old and outdated and were brought in primarily to deal with how people raise livestock.

Earlier this week, the Animal Legal Defense Fund issued its annual report card, which put Saskatchewan in 10th place out of 13 provinces and territories.

Simons says all animals are covered by the same law in the province, which fails to recognize that what would be proper food and shelter for cattle is completely different from what it would be for a kitten.

Simons says under Saskatchewan law, a family pet could be left outside in the extreme hot or cold elements for days, as long as they have food and water and some sort of shelter.

He says that's not providing adequate protection for dogs and cats.

Simons says from January to July of this year they've had 332 cases of animal abuse reported to them, yet they don't receive any provincial or municipal funding and have to be sustained through fundraising.

Simons says it's a big problem because it limits the amount of staff members they can have and therefore the amount of cases they can take on.

"If we had better access to funds in order to not only investigate but to bring the cases forward for prosecution, then we would see more of a resolution towards the cases of abuse that we do have," he said.

Simons says the only way change will come is if the residents of Saskatchewan want it.

He says those who feels the laws are inadequate should speak to their local member of the legislature.