07/30/2013 01:32 EDT | Updated 09/29/2013 05:12 EDT

Study by research group says laptop reigns as Quebec's computer of choice

QUEBEC - A study by a Quebec research firm suggests the laptop reigns as the province's most popular computer, while one household in four is equipped with a digital tablet.

Research firm CEFRIO says the June survey of 1,002 Quebecers indicates 60 per cent of homes in the province have laptops.

Fifty-two per cent have desktop computers and 27 per cent have tablets. Smartphones are found in 42 per cent of homes, although only 12 per cent have digital readers.

The study also suggested that the number of households connected to the Internet stood at 78 per cent — the same level as last year.

Quebecers spend about 20 hours on the Internet a week across all platforms.

They spend an average of nine hours on their work computer, seven hours on their laptop and five hours on a mobile device.

The survey is considered accurate within 3.1 percentage points for adults consulted and 3.4 percentage points for Internet users.