07/31/2013 10:24 EDT

Caribana 2013: Best Of Toronto's Caribbean Carnival Parade Style (PHOTOS)


Happy Caribana 2013!

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival launched earlier in July but the real attraction, the parade (North American's largest Caribbean parade, in fact), is taking place this weekend where Island spirit meets scantily-clad, feathered and bedazzled sirens.

Toronto's yearly calendar is full of many colourful festivals and parades (all you have to do is look at June's Pride Parade for your dose of fun and fabulous fashion) but the Caribana parade arguably takes the fashion crown thanks to the colourful and meticulously-made costumes. (Outfits which can easily weigh up to 800 pounds!)

The costumes, which can feature plumed headdresses, sequined bikinis, golden jewelry, face masks and lots of body glitter, would make former Dior designer John Galliano weep with envy but luckily for us, we don't have to be Anna Wintour's bestie to get a ticket to one of the hottest (literally and figuratively) fashion shows in the city.

Check out the best styles from past Caribana parades:

Caribana Parade Fashion