07/31/2013 05:01 EDT | Updated 07/31/2013 05:02 EDT

Doubling The Speed Limit: B.C. Man Also Blows Twice Legal Limit Along QE2


Police found themselves peeling back a virtual traffic infractions onion when they pulled over a super speeder along the QE2 Highway.

Police zeroed in on the 24-year-old driver after an officer from the RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs' Integrated Traffic Unit observed the heavy footed motorist travelling at nearly twice the 110 km/h speed limit.

According to the ITU, the B.C. man, who had recently moved to Okotoks, was seen zooming down the QE2 Highway - the main and busy link between Calgary and Edmonton - near Ponoka, Alta. last week when officers moved in.

"The officer activated his radar, and confirmed the speed of the vehicle at 210 km/hr," said Sheriff Jason Graw in a statement.

But once Mounties and Sheriffs pulled the man over, they found he was not only speeding but also allegedly heavily intoxicated.

"He provided two breath samples that allegedly showed his blood alcohol content to be 140 mg/100 ml of blood, nearly twice the legal limit," said Graw.

On top of all that, the driver also had outstanding warrants with fines totalling $2,600, added Graw.

The accused has been charged with impaired driving and dangerous driving.

Graw said the driver will remain behind bars until either the the fines are paid or the imposed court custody time is completed.

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