07/31/2013 06:00 EDT | Updated 09/30/2013 05:12 EDT

Homeowners could foot bill for repairs to Mimico Creek

Some of the homeowners who live along Mimico Creek in Etobicoke could be facing a hefty repair bill after this month's monster storm.

The storm dropped a record amount of rainfall on the GTA and led to some of the worst flooding the city has ever seen.

Ondrej Mihal's property was severely damaged by the flood waters, including the banks of the creek. Because the creek is part of his property, according to the city he "owns" it and he's responsible for fixing it.

"I don't have $50,000 to fix this, so it will look like this until I don't know," he said.

The Toronto Region Conservation Authority says it found a dozen or so properties "we consider critical or high priority," said senior manager Moranne McDonnell.

Overall the TRCA inspected 140 of the city's worst hit properties.

"Our normal capital budget for Toronto is in neighbourhood of $1.5 million. Right now we are many times more than that in what we have calculated," she said.

The TRCA will add up the damage and submit a report to the city this fall.

Homeowners, like Mihal, looking for financial help will just have to wait.

"We are here to help — and just be patient. We are collecting information because with whatever money we get we want to address problems on a priority basis," said McDonnell.

So it will be a few months before residents will know if they will get help with the huge repair bill.