07/31/2013 01:19 EDT

Paulina Gretzky Wears Smallest Bikini Bottom Known To Mankind (PHOTOS)

Paulina Gretzky keeps it all in the family with her latest sexy Instagram photo!

Daddy's Little Girl (in this case, Wayne Gretzky is daddy) posted yet another boat pic which featured not only a gravity defying bikini bottom but also Paulina's little bro, Ty Gretzky.

The L.A-born club-hopper, who gained fame for her racy Twitter and Instagram photos (and a song that appeared in "Laguna Beach") is the oldest of five children in the Gretzky clan and frequently shares pics of her siblings such as lil' sis Emma.

We have to wonder: Does Ty feel at all uncomfortable standing next to his half-naked sister?

If the Arizona State University student follows big sis' Instagram account, then he knows the devoted girlfriend to pro golfer Dustin Johnson spends much of her free time (is there any other kind?) takings selfies in barely-there bikinis. So long as he's warned!

Incredibly, the two-time Flare covergirl didn't wear a matching bikini top; instead, the Britney Spears wannabe sported a grey halter-top which showed off every toned inch of her tummy. (All those crunches are really paying off, Paulina.)

With all this downtime, when does the Canadian in spirit have time to work on her singing and modeling career? We want to see an album STAT!

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