08/01/2013 04:36 EDT

That's Uncomfortable: Courtney Stodden's Lettuce Bikini Makes Us Want To Give Up Vegetables (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Every week, we take a look at a celebrity who's wearing an uncomfortable-looking outfit and lovingly dissect their decision.

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This Week: Courtney Stodden

Where: Los Angeles

When: July 31

That's Uncomfortable Fashion Crime: Lettuce bikini

Suddenly we want to drop lettuce from our diets for good.

America's favourite child bride took to the streets of L.A. on Wednesday wearing an eye-popping bikini for a PETA campaign. The 18-year-old, who married "The Green Mile" actor Doug Hutchison in 2011 (by the way, he's 53 years old), filmed a PSA for the animal rights group, held up a sign that read "Get Fit, Go Veg!" and passed out free veggie dogs to passersby (all while making sexy poses to the camera, natch).

But we have to ask: Wasn't the poetic Twitter user afraid that bits of the "lettuce" would, um, go bad and smell? And the bikini strings looked as if they were about to fall off which would reveal her new boob job to the world! We're uncomfortable just looking at the animal-friendly swimsuit.

Wait a minute: Could Courtney's lettuce bikini be her meat dress?

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