08/02/2013 05:28 EDT | Updated 10/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Canada Border Services Scam Targets Cars Supposedly Bought In U.S., Brought To Canada


Canada Border Services is warning about a growing scam involving purchasing cars and bringing them into Canada from the United States.

Spokeswoman Lisa White says the scam involves a person who claims to be a salesperson for a luxury car dealership based in Utah.

That person tries to convince Canadian shoppers to pay for a vehicle online or over the phone.

They then send them phoney emails on CBSA letterhead that say the border agency needs to see an advance bill of sale or receipt before the vehicle can be brought into Canada.

White says at least two people in Saskatchewan were fooled by the crooks in cases that came to light in Calgary.

She says CBSA would never ask for advance documentation.

"We're being erroneously represented,'' she says.

Both cases involve "what we all believe to be the same individuals, the same scammers, using the same letters, the same tactics, the same border crossing.''

She says CBSA doesn't get involved in the process until the vehicle physically crosses the border.

CBSA says there is no reason to believe the individual in question is a legitimate car salesperson and will deliver on the purchase.

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