08/02/2013 05:20 EDT | Updated 10/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Lashburn, Sask., Gathers For 1st Funeral Of 6 Teens

Mourners packed a school gym in Lashburn, Sask., for the funeral of Tarren Attfield, 15, one of the six teens who died in a car crash one week ago south of Lloydminster.

"The loss of six children like this, it's very sad," Dalbert Attfield, the boy's father said. "[It's] just unreal. Unreal."

The community, he added, has been generous with their support for the grieving families.

"People are so overwhelming," he said. "It's amazing how good our world is."

Rev. Glenn Gerbrandt, who knew Tarren, spoke of a good-natured youth who loved to laugh.

"A great sense of humor," Gerbrandt said of the youth. "Always joking around. The kind of guy who made people laugh."

Gerbrandt said he had a difficult time finding the right words to comfort the boy's parents and younger sister.

"You meet and just try to comfort them, and say we are here for you," he said. "More important than what you say is just the fact that they know that you're here and they know that you care about them and they know that you're here to help them in whatever way you can."

"We've been through a few of these in Lashburn in the past few years," Gerbrandt added. "And it's a shock for everybody. But Lashburn is a community where people band together."

People in the area have raised money to help the families with funeral costs.

Tarren Attfield and five other teenagers died early on Saturday morning when the vehicle they were traveling collided with a tanker truck six kilometers southeast of Lloydminster.

The funerals for the others, aged 13 to 17, will be held Saturday at Lloydminster and Marshall, Sask., and Tuesday in Marshall.

The communities have also raised money to help the families with funeral costs.

Earlier in the week, police said their investigation into the crash was ongoing, adding it could be months before they are able to determine what happened.

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