08/02/2013 08:45 EDT | Updated 10/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Test crops and soil Slocan Valley farmers demand

Farmers and gardeners in the Slocan Valley are calling for immediate testing to determine if the recent fuel spill has contaminated local crops.

On Friday a tanker truck hauling helicopter fuel overturned on a logging road, dumping 35,000 litres of fuel into Lemon Creek.

A portion of the fuel evaporated into the air, and locals say it ended up coating their farms and orchards with an unknown amount of the potentially noxious substances.

At a community meeting in Winlaw, B.C. on Tuesday night, officials told residents that local food should be treated with suspicion.

Some residents think the warning only served to scare people, and at least one public market has refused to purchase Slocan Valley food because the extent of contamination is still not clear.

They want conclusive tests done as soon as possible.

“We’ve been promised testing for our soil and the food here,” says Shauna Teare, a resident who works with about 300 farmers throughout the valley.

“It needs to happen now. There is a heightened sense of emergency to get information to people.”