08/03/2013 03:11 EDT | Updated 08/03/2013 03:18 EDT

Sneh Padarat, Western Max Lottery Winner, Glad To Find Lost Ticket

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CALGARY - A Calgary woman is breathing a sigh of relief after finding a lottery ticket which was misplaced during her move to a new home.

On Friday, Sneh Padarat collected $1 million won on the May 3 Western Max lottery.

Padarat says she purchased the ticket at a convenience store but it wasn't until late July that she rediscovered it while sorting through paperwork after her move.

Padarat had no idea of the value of the ticket until she verified her numbers at an automated Ticket Checker.

She says she was surprised to learn she'd won a million, saying she thought it was worth just $10,000.

Padarat plans to use her winnings to pay off her recently purchased home, pay bills and build her investment portfolio.

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