08/06/2013 08:09 EDT | Updated 10/06/2013 05:12 EDT

2-week King and Spadina intersection closure begins today

TTC track replacement is closing the busy, downtown intersection of King Street and Spadina Avenue starting Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., adding to the city's already heavily restricted traffic flow thanks to heavy summertime construction.

Parts of the four-way intersection started being closed this morning, and after 10 a.m. all vehicle traffic will be diverted until Aug. 20.

Pedestrians will still have access to a secure walkway and businesses in the area.

Foot traffic will 'disappear,' says shop owner

But, local business owners are worried about the impact the track work will have on their bottom line.

"There will be no customers," a man who owns a shop in the area told CBC News. "The foot traffic is going to disappear."

Most of those shoppers come off streetcars, he said, which won't be running for 14 days.

He is also worried he won't be able to receive deliveries from his supplier because trucks won't be able to access his shop.

TTC officials say deliveries to storefronts will still be possible and can be co-ordinated with on-site staff.

Once the work is finished, the tracks will not need to be replaced again for another 25 years, say TTC officials.

Better communication needed

Many commuters were surprised to find the heavily used intersection closed Tuesday morning.

"I heard it this morning on the [subway] announcement," one man told CBC News. "But I don’t know how serious that’s going to be."

The city tried hard to get news of the closure out to citizens before Tuesday, said Stephen Buckley, the city's general manager of transportation services.

“We do issue press releases," he said. "But, depending on the news of any given day, that can be lost in much of the noise."

He said the city is working on creating a better system of communicating closures to commuters.