08/07/2013 09:49 EDT | Updated 10/07/2013 05:12 EDT

Film Crew Electric Shock: Worker Jolted During Shoot On Calgary Electrical Platform


CALGARY - A member of a three-person film crew is in a Calgary hospital after looking for the perfect shot in a place where the trio shouldn't have been.

The man suffered electrical burns late Tuesday night during a shoot three storeys up on a power platform.

Fire officials say crews arriving at the scene were told by a crew member on the ground that two co-workers were trapped on the platform and that one may have been electrocuted.

The trapped men were told to stay put until the power was turned off, and both were brought down on an aerial ladder before one was taken to hospital.

Officials say the three were working on a time-lapse video of a construction site near the platform at the time of the accident.

Fire battalion chief John Cherweniuk says it appears the crew didn't realize the hazard the site posed.

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