08/07/2013 09:13 EDT

Kate Middleton Unlikely To Wear Favourite Designer Issa Anymore (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton is known to play favourites when it comes to fashion designers but the Duchess of Cambridge will most likely not wear one British label that she has worn in the past.

Issa, the label responsible for the Duchess' engagement dress (and many, many knock-offs), is launching a collection at Banana Republic on August 8. The description of the collection on Banana Republic's website proudly mentions the Kate Middleton relationship but what it doesn't say is that the new mom to Prince George will probably never buy a single frock from the line.

Why? Well, according to the Middleton experts at, Issa label founder Daniella Helayel left the company, but not before selling a controlling interest in the brand to Camilla al-Fayed. Does the name sound familiar? Camilla's father is none other than Mohamed al-Fayed, who used to own the luxury UK department store Herrod's, and whose son, Dodi al-Fayed, dated Princess Diana and died in the tragic car accident that claimed Kate's mother-in-law's life in 1997.

But that's not why Duchess Kate will most likely snub Issa; After Dodi's death, Mohamed al-Fayed made it known publicly that he believed the accident was part of a conspiracy arranged by the Royal Family.


"That topic is the subject of a film he financed, 'Unlawful Killing.' In the movie the Queen is referred to as ‘a gangster in a tiara’ and Prince Philip is called a 'psychopath.'"

Yikes! We're pretty sure Kate Middleton will want to have nothing to do with a label whose owner is part of the Diana death conspiracy theory. In fact, the Duchess hasn't worn an Issa frock since before the sale of the label in 2011, when she sported a pretty purple frock on Canada Day.

So unless Issa exchanges owners again, we most likely won't see Kate in their frocks anytime soon.

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