08/08/2013 12:38 EDT

Best 'Sesame Street' Musical Guests Are Not Just For Kids (VIDEO)

Sesame Workshop

Cookie Monster, the ever-gluttonous star of "Sesame Street," recently covered Icona Pop's breakout single "I Love It" in a parody called 'Me Want It.' While Cookie Monster's version is as adorable as all get out -- and the Swedish electro-pop duo are pretty cute, too -- it still may seem like an unlikely pairing, albeit with perhaps a more appropriate source song than their LMFAO parody "I'm Elmo And I Know It."

But these covers actually fit pretty well within the "Sesame Street" tradition of incorporating songs into the show regardless of whether their music is aimed at the knee-high set or not. And even better than the puppet parodies are the ones where the singers and musicians come to the actual street set.

It got us digging into YouTube's "Sesame Street" archives where we fell into a black hole of cool musical guests, from Johnny Cash and Stevie Wonder to R.E.M. and Ricky Gervais to Feist and Katy Perry, the latter of whom had her performance banned because of her boobs.

Below are some of the best and least likely musical performances from the past four decades of "Sesame Street."