08/09/2013 07:42 EDT | Updated 10/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Lemon Creek, Slocan River Water Restrictions Lifted

Barefoot girl splashing water
WINLAW, B.C. - The Interior Health Authority has lifted all remaining water restrictions on the Slocan River and Lemon Creek, two weeks after a tanker truck spilled 35,000 litres of jet fuel into the river.

Officials say the water drawn from the area can now be consumed and is safe for recreational purposes, but residents should thoroughly flush their drinking water and irrigation systems because there will be stagnant water in the lines.

On July 26, a tanker truck was on its way to fuel helicopters fighting a forest fire in the area when it made a wrong turn and travelled down a closed logging road and tumbled into Lemon Creek.

The accident prompted the evacuation of residents, and do-not-use water orders as crews worked to clean up the spill.

It also prompted a Slocan Valley resident to file a lawsuit against the province and the company that owned the tanker truck, alleging the spill contamination has affected the shoreline and wildlife.

The defendants have yet to file a statement of defence, and none of the allegations have been tested in court.

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