08/09/2013 12:17 EDT

Midtown New York City Time-Lapse Offers Stunning Look At The Big Apple (VIDEO)

Travel to New York City and you can expect a few things: iconic landmarks, crowds of tourists and a landscape shaped by the noise and energy of over eight million people.

If you can't make it to the Big Apple any time soon, District 7 Media's time-lapse, "Midtown" may just be the next best thing.

The video's runs in less time than it takes to catch the subway on the city's blue line but manages to cram in shots of Midtown New York City's staple landmarks like Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, and Central Park to name a few. Spliced between are dizzying shots of night time traffic and the flurries of people moving about in the city. Mobile readers can watch the video here.

The project first started with the goal of showcasing Midtown as "a living, breathing, organism that never sleeps," according to Andrew Geraci, the cinematographer behind the video. It's the part of the city the crew ought to be well familiar with now after travelling back and forth between Washington DC over six months to shoot.

But travel wasn't the only obstacle his crew faced. As Geraci writes on the video's Vimeo page, the team ran into trouble with some of the trickier shots thanks to the cold or local police who reportedly led out or followed the crew for using tripods on the subway.

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