08/09/2013 06:20 EDT

Wayne Gretzky Trade: How Fans Remember That Bitter Moment


For those who follow hockey, for those who were in Alberta at the time, for those who did the minimum to stay on top of current events, they probably remember hearing the news that Wayne Gretzky had been traded to L.A. with utter disbelief.

That trade, 'The Trade,' happened 25 years ago today and many on social media took the time to recall what they were doing when they heard the news.

Others remembered the heartbreak and feeling betrayed. Others remember thinking they were being lied to. All agree the news left a bit of a bitter taste.

The trade, after all, was a swift, cold and mechanical reminder that hockey — despite the passion and the intimate part it plays in our childhoods and our collective Canadian psyche — is still a business, and that at the end of the day, the greatest of heroes is as disposable as the rest of them.

Click through the gallery below to read how some remember that day 25 years ago today.

Wayne Gretzky Trade 25 Years Later