08/11/2013 12:31 EDT | Updated 10/11/2013 05:12 EDT

Teens with fake IDs get clean records from RCMP

RCMP in P.E.I. say their campaign to stop underage people from using fake identification cards and obtaining booze is working.

Teens caught with a fake ID face a maximun fine of $1,000, loss of driver's licence or even jail time.

Thirty people who were caught with fake IDs at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival last month were told they could have their record wiped clean if they attended an education session.

Sixteen people attended the first session with police and provincial officials last week. Only one of them was from P.E.I. The rest were from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Sgt. Andrew Blackadar said it seems young Islanders are getting the message and it's time to spread the campaign for next year.

"Our campaign was a success but now we know that we can go forward with our communications department in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, push this message out to a lot of young people out there not only before the Cavendish Beach Music Festival but before all summer festivals start across the Atlantic region," he said.

A YouTube video produced in P.E.I. helped the RCMP spread the message. It had 4,580 views as of Aug. 11.

RCMP stepped up their efforts after last year's Cavendish music festival. A dozen teens were caught trying to use fake IDs to get into the beer tent as of the halfway point of the festival.