08/12/2013 12:25 EDT | Updated 10/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Campaign aims to restore 'SkyDome' to Blue Jays home

As the Toronto Blue Jays play out the stretch in another disappointing season, a social media campaign seeks to revive a stadium name synonymous with the team’s World Series winning years.

The campaign asks Rogers Communications to restore “SkyDome” to the name of the team’s home stadium.

The stadium began life as the SkyDome in 1989 before it was renamed in 2005 as “Rogers Centre” after Rogers purchased the team.

Toronto media design agency Branding For Good has launched a “bring back the dome” campaign, urging the stadium to be called Rogers SkyDome. The stadium — the world’s first with a retractable roof — will celebrate its 25th anniversary next spring. The campaign's organizers hope to gather 50,000 signatures in support of the name change.

The company said in a statement the SkyDome name is not only reminicient of the team's early 1990s glory years, it's also what many fans still call the stadium.

“What we’re asking is for Canadians to show their ongoing love for the SkyDome,” a spokesperson said. He added that the retro name change will “unlock a deep attachment many of us have to the stadium by using the name SkyDome again.

"The name SkyDome has a strong literal reference to what you see when the roof is fully retracted. It’s what a lot of us grew up knowing, and what a lot of people still call it anyway.”

The campaign includes a website (, Twitter account (@bringbackdome) and a Facebook page (/bringbackthedome).