08/12/2013 01:17 EDT

Jennifer Lawrence Laments Hair In Vogue September 2013 Cover Story (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence is officially 2013's "It" girl thanks to her stunning new Vogue cover but Hollywood's rising star wasn't always so glamorous.

The wacky 22-year-old told Vogue magazine in their September 2013 issue that she used to have an unflattering haircut:

"My family went on a cruise, and I got a terrible haircut. FYI: Never get your hair cut on a cruise. And I had, like, this blonde curly ‘fro, and I walked into the gym the first day back in seventh grade and everyone was staring at me, and for some reason I thought, I know what I need to do! And I just started sprinting from one end of the gym to the other, and I thought it was hilarious. But nobody else at that age really did. It was genuinely weird."

Need evidence that JLaw actually sported a mane full of curls? We found this adorable 2005 photo of "The Hunger Games" star back when she was an eighth grader. (She was just as cute then as she is now!)

It just goes to show ya that it does get better after high school (at least for your hair).

Jennifer Lawrence, then and now:

Lawrence is all grown up: