08/12/2013 06:00 EDT | Updated 08/12/2013 06:02 EDT

Pamela Wallin Says Audit 'Unfair,' Twitter Says She's Unfit

A defiant Pamela Wallin gave a statement Monday afternoon in which she said an independent audit of her travel claims was "fundamentally flawed and unfair" but that she will pay back any improper expenses with interest.

Her tone didn't impress users on Twitter, who were quick to slam Wallin. The senatorwho resigned earlier this year from the Conservative caucus after becoming one of the central figures in an expenses scandal that has places a black cloud over the future of Canada's upper chamber.

Conservative Senator Nicole Eaton posted that Wallin should resign, while others suggested she should be sent to jail.

You can read some of the best tweets in the slideshow below.

Twitter Not Impressed With Wallin's Statement