08/13/2013 01:36 EDT

Oliver Car Bomb Explodes, Projecting Metal Through B.C. Garage Wall

A car bomb exploded with enough force to project a piece of metal through the wall of a garage in the small town of Oliver, B.C. Monday, the RCMP reports.

Police were notified of the incident by the owner of the garage in the 600 block of Earl Crescent. At the scene, officers discovered a vehicle in a rear driveway which showed significant damage to the undercarriage and both rear wheels, the Oliver RCMP said in a press release. Further evidence of an explosion includes scorching on the cement driveway and fragments of metal and rubber found in the immediate area.

"The damage appears to be consistent with an explosion of some significance going off under the vehicle," Sgt .Peter Thiessen said in the release. "It does not appear that any local residents were injured in the explosion."

"Investigators are working in close partnership with the B.C. RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit who will be attending the scene".

Police said they do not know the motive behind the blast, or who is responsible at this point.