08/13/2013 02:06 EDT

Dads At One Direction Concert: These Pained Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Screams

Little girls love boy bands, but little girls can't go to boy band concerts alone. It is a dilemma that has plagued dads since time immemorial -- or at least a century or so anyway. I can't imagine taking your daughter to see her favourite barbershop quartet was all that fun, but at least there would've been less screaming in the old timey days.

Certainly less than one might hear at a One Direction concert, where the decibel levels have been clocked at 122 which is considerably more than the maximum safe level of 85.

"The capacity crowd’s screaming spiked to surreal volumes," wrote the Washington Post after a recent show where they measured the sound. "That's louder than the roar at Verizon Center after a Caps goal, louder than a heavy-metal concert, louder than an ambulance driving past a lawn mower in a thunderstorm."

But still, dads endure as they must. But that doesn't mean they are pained, as these photos from Instagram user Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, the West Coast editor of Vice, will attest.

Girls, I hope you start saving up for Father's Day, like, now.

Dads At One Direction Concert