08/13/2013 12:52 EDT | Updated 08/13/2013 12:53 EDT

Kelowna Hail Storm Batters Area, Destroys Crops (VIDEO)

A freak storm that battered East Kelowna, B.C. Monday night dropped hail hard enough to dent cars and cause pain to those caught out in it.

"It was incredible. I've never seen anything like it," Martin McMahon told Castanet News, adding that his daughter ran back to the house with "black and blue welts" on her legs from the sudden downpour of spheres of ice.

A video posted to YouTube compiling different moments of the storm shows a man exclaiming "Owww" after he walks out onto his balcony to find his his gutter has failed to cope with the onslaught, as well as two kids making the most of the aftermath by bouncing the ice balls on a trampoline.

The storm hit the region around 6.30 p.m., AM 1150 News reported.

Laura Carr Tweeted that the hail was so severe, it devastated the apple crop on her farm.

An image posted to Instagram by dilly7, shows the size of the hail that pelted the area.

Check out the best Twitter reactions to the hailstorm in the slideshow below:

Hail Storm Kelowna, B.C. August 12, 2013