08/13/2013 11:22 EDT

Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photo Reveals Possible Evidence That She Eats Burgers (PHOTOS)

There is new photo evidence that our favourite bikini babe might actually eat!

Paulina Gretzky posted an Instagram photo of herself and her boyfriend, PGA golfer Dustin Johnson sitting at a Burger Barn (no, not the Canadian eatery).

But did Wayne Gretzky's daughter actually chow down on a double cheeseburger? While there was no food on the counter, a cup full of a clear liquid was sitting beside the Canadian at heart. So, either Paulina is on a juice cleanse or maybe she just didn't want her fans to see her face covered in ketchup?

But Lil' P, we don't care if you've got a smudge of mustard on your pretty face! You don't have to wow us with your Barbie-esque looks every time you post a pic on Instagram!

In true California Girl style (the Great One's baby girl was born in Los Angeles), the Britney Spears wannabe pulled her blond tresses into a loose bun and sported her signature aviator shades.

Of course, Paulina wouldn't be Paulina without some kind of racy garment and the 24-year-old didn't disappoint in a revealing halter bikini top which showed a hint of sideboob.

Paulina and her man are in Idaho visiting the Gretzky clan for a summer break (when is the perpetual party girl not on vacation?) and we hope the Daddy's Girl Instagrams tons of pics of the trip.

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