08/14/2013 09:37 EDT

Lady Gaga Goes Topless For V Magazine (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga continues her reinvention as a fan of the "no makeup" look but one thing has never changed: her love for getting (nearly) naked.

The "Applause" singer posed for the cover of V magazine wearing unbuttoned jeans and nothing between her skin and a teeny tiny red sequined blazer. (The "Paparazzi" singer sheds the top inside the mag.) Gaga, we get it. You like to get naked. A lot. Like, really a lot.

The cover one of four special editions which are based on the different stages of Mother Monster's life. As of press time, the other three covers haven't been revealed but we can guess what Gaga will wear: her alien-esque face implants, her disco queen makeup and her over-the-top outfits (meat dress and kermit come to mind).

In the past few months, we've seen the 27-year-old sport a more natural look in support of her upcoming album "Artpop." We seriously didn't even recognize her when she attended an event wearing no makeup, dark hair and bleached eyebrows.

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