08/14/2013 04:52 EDT

'Team BodyBreak' Says 'Amazing Race Canada' Boosted Their Brand

Canadian fitness icons Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod may have ended their run on "The Amazing Race Canada" Tuesday, but the pair are grateful for the chance to re-establish their brand among a new generation of Canadian viewers.

Being on the show really helped their messages of healthy eating and staying active seem "cool," Johnson told the Toronto Sun.

"BodyBreak wasn't necessarily cool, but The Amazing Race certainly is," he said.

Johnson and McLeod are the latest team to be eliminated Tuesday after they fell behind during a challenge to find two stuffed animals in a trailer full of lentils and opted to take a two-hour penalty and move on.

The frustration that comes with being last got to the usually-peppy McLeod near the end of the episode, when she appeared to tell rival team member Brett to "f*** off" after he wished them good luck.

McLeod personally apologized on BodyBreak's website, saying the outburst "came after a very long, frustrating day as well as dealing with a painful hamstring injury, not having slept for 30 hours, being dehydrated and there had been a history of verbal attacks from Brett."

Despite the pair's fall from grace and their feeling that they were targeted by the other teams because of their celebrity status, they think the decision to play was a good one.

"It's got our message out to people... that message of 'keep fit,'" Johnson told CTV, noting that at 57 and 54, they hope to be an inspiration to older people to stay active as well.

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