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Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Off Her Bikini Body On Instagram (PHOTO)

Looks like all those juice cleanses and a strict no-carb diet has paid off for Gwyneth Paltrow.

Designer Stella McCartney uploaded a vintage-filtered photo to Instagram on Wednesday, which shows the 40-year-old actress jumping for joy in a teeny, python-print bikini made by the designer. Stella camptioned the pic, "Sexy lady in Stella swimwear! Summer never stop! x Stella."

We have to admit, Gwynnie looks pretty amazing in the makeup free, stripped-down pic. Her bikini bod, of course, isn't bad either, but did we really expect anything less from the famously-strict actress?

Paltrow reportedly works out for two hours a day to stay fit, and she's even admitted to trying a number of eyebrow-raising diets in the past, including the Master Cleanse, which she said left her hallucinating for 10 days.


What's most impressive of all, however, is that Gwyneth manages to stay so upbeat, despite all the haters and naysayers (she's been labelled as "The Most Hated Celebrity," even beating out Chris Brown for the title).

What do you think? Should all the haters just leave Gwyneth alone?

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