08/16/2013 11:06 EDT | Updated 10/16/2013 05:12 EDT

It appears Victoria loves Moose Jaw, after all

The Mayor of Victoria, B.C., is extending an olive branch to Moose Jaw following an advertising campaign that left some hard feelings in the Saskatchewan city.

Last month, Victoria's downtown business association rolled out a campaign in their city that said, "Chill. We could all be in Moosejaw."

That ignited some strong feelings on social media, with some Moose Javians and other Saskatchewan residents apparently taking genuine offence and others expressing mock outrage.

More than a few took issue with the way Victoria spelled "Moose Jaw.

Now, Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin is trying to calm the waters. On his Facebook page, he's shown holding up a "We [heart] Moosejaw" poster.

The gesture may not please sticklers for spelling, however. For a second time, Victoria omitted the space between "Moose" and "Jaw".

Fortunately for sake of inter-city harmony, Fortin got it right in the caption: "On behalf of the citizens of Victoria, here is an important message for our friends in the City of Moose Jaw..."