08/16/2013 09:49 EDT | Updated 08/16/2013 09:50 EDT

Nike Tattoo Leggings Pulled After Racism Accusations (PHOTOS)

It seems that Nike is the new Urban Outfitters.

Michael Jordan's favourite shoe company is embroiled in a new controversy thanks to a pair of, yep, leggings.

The mega sportswear brand has been forced to pull their black and white tattoo leggings from shelves after the design was criticized for being racist.

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Nike's Pro Tattoo Tech Tights (which can't be found on their website anymore) have caused distress in Australia and New Zealand for its resemblance to pe'a, a traditional tattoo that is usually found on men of Samoa.

A petition that called for the leggings to be removed said:

"These designs and the use of them are in direct violation of the Indigenous peoples of the pacific, and is furthermore in violation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples."

"My culture is not for sale," wrote Jay Laga'aia on the petition's comments section. "It is free to those who ask and wish to learn the history behind the patterns. To steal purely for profit is mean spirited and ignorant!"

Another comment by Freddie Ike read "To the outside world it just a designed, but to my polynesian people it sacred."

The petition was signed by more than 750 people, which caused Nike to pull the leggings and release a statement:

"The Nike Tattoo Tech collection was inspired by tattoo graphics. We apologise to anyone who views this design as insensitive to any specific culture. No offense was intended."

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the company has gotten into hot water over its products. The popular sports brand pulled its "Black and Tan" sneakers after offending people in Ireland, and was also forced to withdraw its "Gold Digging" t-shirt which offended women.

Photos of the questionable clothing tattoo collection can still be found on Nike's blog.

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