08/16/2013 04:20 EDT

'The Untold Story' Trailer: Alberta Flood Video Is A Moving, Heart-Wrenching Look At The Disaster

The Alberta floods claimed lives, destroyed communities and redefined for many what it means to be Albertan, and that entire soul-wrenching experience is encapsulated in a two-and-a-half-minute video posted on YouTube Friday.

The video is the trailer for 'The Untold Story,' a film detailing the June floods in Alberta and about to be released in September.

The trailer depicts the rushing waters that unleashed unprecedented destruction from Canmore to Calgary and from High River to Medicine Hat, in what is now the largest natural disaster to ever hit the province.

The footage shows homes, highways, train tracks completely ripped apart, and cars and roads drowning under deep water.

But the video also poignantly shows volunteers coming to the rescue, as well as firefighters from Edmonton, crews from Vancouver, and soldiers and police from all over Alberta.

The trailer may be less than three minutes long but it perfectly frames the heartbreak of those who lost everything and of those who were forced to discard what were once possessions close to their hearts but that after the flood are nothing but mould-covered waste.

The video closes with the tagline, 'We are Albertans.'

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