08/19/2013 12:35 EDT | Updated 08/20/2013 07:19 EDT

Fair For Canada Parody Video Takes A Jab At Rogers, Bell, Telus Campaign

It was bound to happen.

Shortly after Canada's three wireless mammoths, Rogers, Bell and Telus, launched a campaign against the government's "sweetheart" deals for foreign entrants into the wireless sector (namely Verizon), the internet has done for Big Telecom's "Fair for Canada" campaign what the internet does best: parody.

A YouTube video uploaded August 12 by user "robbers.hell.tales" — get it? — mocks the big three's two-minute ad by dubbing over the lines delivered by the actors — who are employees of the three companies — with Oscar-worthy honesty.

Click here for the big three's original ad.

The maker(s) of the video touches on the fact that the actors themselves work for the Big Three, changing Bell employee Mike's line to "My boss says Verizon is going to fire me, please save my job!"

"I don't want to be mopping floors at McDonald's. You gotta save my job. If they have to compete, I am screwed!" he says.

While the parody's script isn't as funny as you'd expect, it's comical enough in its attempt to sync with the actors' lip movements.

But the video's golden line comes to us through words put in the mouth of Amanda, a Rogers call centre trainer.

"I'm reading some pre-scripted statement off a teleprompter of some sort because my boss told me to do so," she says.

This isn't the first counter to the three companies' push against the government's wireless rules, which would give Verizon preferential treatment if it were to come to Canada.

A few days after the Fair for Canada crusade kicked off, two counter-campaigns called Real Fair For Canada and Four for Canada launched.

Like the above video, their aim is to offer the opposite opinion to what the Big Three argue in their campaign.

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