08/19/2013 01:17 EDT

Justin Bieber And Michael Jackson's Song, 'Slave To The Rhythm', Leaks


A track reportedly co-written by the late Michael Jackson entitled "Slave To The Rhythm" and featuring Justin Bieber's vocals on top was leaked on Friday with Bieber essentially confirming the track's authenticity.

As posted on YouTube, but later taken down over copyright claims, the four-minute and eighteen-second song has Bieber singing the verses and chorus with Jackson's vocals on the heavily dance-oriented track.

"She dances in these sheets at night/she dances to his needs/she dances 'til he feels just right/until he falls asleep," Bieber sings on the opening verse. The chorus repeats the title often with the line "A slave to the rhythm of love" occasionally tossed in.

The Guardian reports the song was allegedly written by Jackson and Rodney Jenkins during recording sessions for Jackson's 2001 "Invincible" album. Tricky Stewart, most famous for producing songs with Rihanna, Beyonce and Bieber among others, reportedly reworked the song in 2002 according to die hard fans of the "King of Pop."

The recording -- sans Bieber's vocal -- was leaked after Jackson died in 2009 but this new leak might have been meant for a 2010 compilation titled "Michael" featuring unreleased material.

Bieber hasn't deny the leak and only added to the validity of the track with some tweets. "He set the bar," Bieber tweeted on Saturday with two black and white photos: one of Jackson in front of a large crowd and another of Bieber onstage performing. "MJ. The greatest of all time. #fact," he also tweeted.

It's unknown if the song will receive an official release as a result of the leak. The leak comes about a week after news broke the Canadian pop star might be interested in purchasing Jackson's Neverland ranch.

Bieber continues his "Believe" world tour next month with a stop in Shanghai on an Asian leg. The singer then travels to South America for several dates before another touring leg begins in New Zealand and Australia in late November.

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