08/20/2013 02:30 EDT | Updated 10/20/2013 05:12 EDT

About 75% of anglophone Canadians say they watch online video: report

TORONTO - For researchers who track Canadian tech trends, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find consumers who aren't yet watching online video.

According to a report by the Media Technology Monitor, it seems nearly everyone is.

Based on telephone interviews with 2,013 anglophone Canadians in March and April, three in four said they watched some online video in the past month.

About two-thirds said they'd streamed something on YouTube, 38 per cent watched TV content online, 30 per cent sat through a whole movie and 23 per cent watched news or sports content.

About one in five said they used Netflix in the past month. The report suggests the popularity of the streaming service has contributed to a 100 per cent increase in users reporting they watched movies online, compared to a similar survey conducted a year ago.

While video viewing on mobile devices is growing, computers were by far the most popular device used to stream video.

About 86 per cent said they used a desktop or laptop computer to watch online videos, while about 20 per cent said they used either a smartphone, tablet or Internet-connected TV for streaming.

Young adults and students were identified as the most likely to be watching video online, with 92 per cent of the survey respondents in both demographics saying they streamed video in the past month. Not surprisingly, the over-65 demographic had the fewest online video viewers, with only 38 per cent watching something on the web in the past month.