08/20/2013 03:38 EDT

Human Skull Found In Banff On Cascade Mountain


BANFF – The discovery of skeletal bones near Banff have prompted an investigation by RCMP.

Two hikers came across a human skull and several bones on Cascade Mountain, reports CTV Calgary, less than 100-metres from the TransCanada Highway Monday morning.

Orange flags mark the area near Casacade Mountain where the remains were found, and police are working to determine if the bones are human.

“We do not know how long the remains have been there. They are largely skeletal,” Sgt. Patricia Neely told the Calgary Herald.

“At this point we are working under the presumption that it is human. Because we do have the skull, it does make that identification somewhat easier,” she said.

According to CBC Calgary, Banff RCMP removed the remains with the help of the RCMP major crimes unit. Calgary's medical examiner is currently trying to determine whether all the bones are human and if there is any indication of foul play.

Officials told CBC recent floodwaters may have unearthed the bones and carried them to the place they were found.

Neely told the Herald there are no missing persons reports currently filed in Banff, but police have not ruled out that explanation.

“There’s always a large number of missing persons throughout the province and the country."

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