08/20/2013 03:11 EDT | Updated 08/21/2013 03:05 EDT

Canada's Startup Community Needs More Risk Takers (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Matt Di Paola is the senior vice-president, General Manager at Critical Mass

Canada’s startup community needs more risk takers, according to Critical Mass’ Matt Di Paola.

Canada has a lot of strengths – from a stable economy and huge talent pool – but there is a lingering uncertainty that Di Paola says needs to take a back seat to more bold moves.

Speaking at AOL Canada’s Conversation Studio during Dx3 Canada 2013 last March in Toronto, Di Paola said that Canada is poised to see major advances in its digital start up landscape because the talent is there, and the expertise has never been better.

The one area that Canadians can do better, is to not be intimidated by the prospect of failure and take more bold chances.

“If we can get more people in Canada willing to take some risks, we will start leap frogging faster than we have,” said Di Paola.

Watch the full interview above