08/21/2013 11:16 EDT

Asha Mandela Has 55-Foot Dreadlocks And A Strong Head (VIDEO)

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

That's what we would say if we met Asha Mandela, a mother-of-one from Atlanta, Georgia, who has... get ready for it... 55-foot-long dreadlocks. (That's as long as the biggest snake in the world!)

Mandela's hair weighs a back-breaking 42 pounds and has to carry it around in a baby sling. (Should we add that to our "7 Hair Mistakes" list?)

The mom's heavy head load has doctors concerned for her health, natch. The Daily Mail reports that despite being warned that her dreads could paralyze her, Asha refuses to cut them off saying, "my hair has become part of me. It is my life. I will never cut it. Cutting it would be equivalent to suicide."

But not cutting it could cause serious harm, according to the Mail:

But their main concern is the weight.

She said: 'The doctors seem to think I have a curvature of my spine and that it's the length and the weight of my hair that's making me curve.

'Some have said my neck has collapsed at the back and that I need to be careful because I could start having spasms in my spine and probably be paralysed.'

Mandela, who has a 11-year-old son, Zion, started growing her hair 25 years ago and holds the Guinness World Record for the longest dreadlocks. Clearly, Asha's hair has no age limit.

But spinal injuries and bacterial infections, be damned! The sassy mom's lovely lady locks have helped her have an incredible love life.

"I think it adds a little spice on top," she said.

TMI, Asha!

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