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Christopher Wiggins Helps Suicidal Calgary Teen

Christopher Wiggins/GETTY

A Washington man is making international headlines after reportedly saving a Calgary teen's life.

The unidentified teen sent a suicidal note on Twitter on Saturday and was helped by many on social media, including Christopher Wiggins who prompted a rescue, International Business Times reported.

Wiggins, a journalist from Washington, was enjoying a margarita at home when a phone alert got his attention.

He had search words set up on his phone to follow the news and the following tweet grabbed his attention:

"I'm gonna attempt suicide tonight. Bye everyone. My last wishes are that my siblings finish school and become emergency responders."

In a matter of moments he realized the 17-year-old Calgary girl was serious, he says, and tried contacting Calgary police.

Wiggins, who is also a trained paramedic, then took to social media, along with many other Twitter users, to spread the word about the potentially fatal situation. He wrote to news organizations, reporters and tried to bring attention to the teen.

"I was not letting go," he told The Huffington Post Alberta.

Meanwhile, the teen followed Wiggins on Twitter and the two started to chat. He says he started with a simple, "Are you ok?"

The teen was not keen to have a long conversation and said she was logging off. Wiggins convinced her to send him a text message so she could contact him if needed, he says.

He then shared the phone number with law enforcement who used GPS technology to locate the teen.

Wiggins believes the teen was taken to hospital.

He says he has suffered from depression and anxiety disorders himself and knows how it feels.

"I would want someone to help me if I were in a moment of need," he said.

Are you in crisis? Need help? In Canada, find links and numbers to 24-hour suicide crisis lines in your province here.

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