08/21/2013 12:02 EDT

Fergie Is Not Dressing Her Baby Bump Like Kate Middleton (VIDEO)

Now that Kate Middleton has gone and had her royal baby, it's time to focus on the other Duchess, Fergie.

The Black Eyed Peas crooner showed off her lovely lady baby bump at the premiere of hubby Josh Duhumel's new film "Scenic Route" on Tuesday.

But rather than channel Kate Middleton's classic (and to be honest, modest) maternity wear, the 38-year-old decked herself out in a studded ombré leather jacket over a black tee, matching leather pants and fingerless gloves à la Madonna.

Fergie-Ferg, who is due in September, has been rocking skintight clothes throughout her pregnancy and we are loving that she is embracing her new curves. Earlier this month, Mrs. Duhamel rocked a clingy purple mini-dress and highlighted her growing belly with a colourful top and leather leggings.

Even papa-to-be Josh has stepped up his style game sporting classic but casual suits and trendy sneakers. But we guess the "Transformers" star has more than clothes on his mind; he's still thinking about what to name his baby boy.

Duhamel told HuffPost Celebrity that he and Fergie are going to go with a somewhat-traditional name for their child.

"Our kid is going to be saddled with enough, we don't want to add to that," Duhamel said. "But we love the name that we’ve picked and we think it’s going to be perfect for him. And anyone who doesn’t like it, too bad."

We can't wait to see the first baby pics!

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