08/21/2013 11:19 EDT | Updated 10/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Fire chiefs call for Yukon-wide 911 service

Fire chiefs from across Yukon territory are renewing their calls for a 911 emergency phone service that reaches across Yukon.

Chiefs from across the territory are gathering in Whitehorse Wednesday for training sessions and their annual general meeting. All Yukon firefighters are invited to the talks and training sessions over the next three days at the Whitehorse public safety building.

Among the topics the group will be pushing for is a renewed call for 911 service that works across the entire territory. Whitehorse has 911 service, but in other communities the phone number to call for emergencies is different depending on where you are and what the emergency is.

Association of Yukon Fire Chief's president Jim Regimbal says streamlining that would significantly help reduce response times

"When the call comes in or you need the fire department to respond you want the doors opening."

He says after years of inaction it's time to get back to work on the territory's emergency telephone links.

He wants to give emergency responders a better chance of getting where they're needed with a territory-wide mapping and addressing system — something that's currently lacking.

"If we are going to go Yukon-wide let's go enhanced and definitely addressing will definitely be part of it."