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Hai Xia Sun: McDonald's Refused Me Service Over Chinese Accent

WILLOWBROOK, IL - NOVEMBER 11: (FILE PHOTO) A patron is seen through a window displaying McDonald's golden arches as she eats her meal November 11, 2002 in Willowbrook, Illinois. The Oak Brook, Illinois-based company has announced that it will restructure its operations in four countries and close in three countries, shutting down approximately 175 underperforming restaurants in about 10 other countries and eliminating 400-600 positions to control costs and reallocate resources. McDonald's Corporation announced its first quarterly net loss ever January 23, 2003 in Oak Brook, Illinois. The $343.8 million loss for the last three months of 2002 shows the company's charges and write-offs. The fast-food chain said that it would close about 600 restaurants this year, including 400 traditional McDonald's. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

A B.C. woman who says she was refused service in a Richmond McDonald's is demanding an apology from the fast food giant.

Hia Xia Sun told QMI Agency that she ordered a hot chocolate in the Richmond location on August 15, but was given a mocha in error. When the 51-year-old hotel worker pointed out the mistake, the store manager allegedly refused to serve Hai, telling her to move out of the line and saying, "You don't understand English".

The story prompted stern comments on Twitter, with some expressing surprise that this would happen in Richmond, a B.C. city home to a large Asian population.

McDonald's was forced to apologize to a British woman in July after a U.K. franchise refused to serve a woman using a motorized mobility scooter in the drive-thru lane.

And earlier this month, the fast food chain proffered an apology when a Korean McDonald's employee text messaged a customer with, "Was the saliva spit good?", around forty minutes after delivering the order.

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