08/21/2013 10:44 EDT

Jay And Dan Mocking U.S. Twitter Haters Is The Best (VIDEO)

Being a Canadian trying to make it in America can be tough. Just ask Ted Cruz, Tom Green or Chavril.

But for every The Tragically Hip there is a Barenaked Ladies. For every Taylor Kitsch, a Ryan Gosling. And Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, once of TSN, now of Fox Sports Live, are definitely in the Gosling group.

The new anchors premiered on Fox this weekend and were quick to take on American critics.

In a clip posted to YouTube, Jay and Dan mock Americans who have mercilessly attacked them on Twitter.

The highlight? One of their most ardent critics is a man who says he's Marc "Skippy" Price from "Family Ties."

Despite his former celebrity, Skippy has just a shade more than 75 followers. But that didn't stop Jay and Dan from ripping into him for a series of nasty tweets about their new show. Skippy has been freaking out about it on Twitter ever since. Just check out the slideshow below for a taste of Skippy's uniquely profane style.

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Skippy vs. Jay And Dan

Sadly, Jay and Dan's new show isn't available in Canada.

Luckily, Fox Sports has been posting a steady stream of highlights on its YouTube channel.

All signs point to the show becoming a big hit in the U.S., with Regis Philbin and others showering the Canadian pair with praise.

That is if Mike Tyson doesn't eat them first.

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