08/21/2013 04:45 EDT | Updated 08/21/2013 04:46 EDT

Nova Scotia Mall's Back-To-School Shopping Campaign Called Sexist

A Nova Scotia mall is getting a lot of heat for a back-to-school shopping campaign.

Mic Mac mall in Dartmouth, N.S., is promoting ads on their Facebook page and home page which present women as stereotypes who prefer shopping for clothes over doing math.

One of the illustrated ads says: "Social studies? Does posting my new boots on Facebook count?" Another reads: "My favourite class? Shop!" The girl isn't talking about learning how to solder metal together.

Buzzfeed reports that the response on Twitter "has been 100% negative."

Some Twitter reactions include the following:

"Seems @micmacmall in Nova Scotia thinks girls are dumb & vapid. At least, that's the tone of their back to school campaign. How very sad."

"There is everything wrong with this. @micmacmall your back to school ad campaign is kind of humiliating."

"Why not a campaign where smart girls like school and love fashion? Disappointing"

The mall isn't the only company to promote sexist stereotypes about girls and women.

Samsung enraged women when they used a group of bridesmaids to illustrate what women can do with their new phone, including "female appropriate" activities such as cooking and wedding planning.

Even a well-intention European Union PSA, which aimed to get more girls into the sciences, fell back on tired stereotypes that women are only interested in fashion and makeup.

According to Mic Mac mall's Twitter feed, "The campaign's intent was to correlate school subjects to shopping & our strong social media presence in a humorous & light hearted manner."

Do you think these ads are sexist and offensive to women?

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