08/21/2013 12:48 EDT

Toronto Hummer Driver's Road Rage Prompts Instant Karma Intervention (VIDEO)

No need to ban the gas-guzzling, environmentally-hostile behemoth known as the Hummer from our congested streets.

Just IQ test prospective buyers.

At least one gentleman in Toronto would have been a lot happier if that rule was in effect.

The man -- let's call him Angry Hummer Man -- is seen in the full throes of road rage in a dashboard cam video posted in February to YouTube.

"What kind of driving's that?" Angry Hummer Man demands, pulling up alongside the dashboard cam driver.

He doesn't wait for an answer, instead rifling ahead and then nearly sideswiping the man in the much smaller car.

Apparently not satisfied, our raging Hummer driver swipes past the smaller car again, this time removing its side-view mirror.

But it's not over until the fat SUV sings.

A little farther up the street, Angry SUV Man pulls a U-turn, before rumbling up alongside his unwitting nemesis.

All, apparently, to deliver a message:

ANGRY HUMMER MAN: "I just taught you a valuable lesson."

MUCH CALMER DRIVER: "What's the lesson you taught me?"

Whatever it was is quickly lost in the spit-speak of Angry Hummer Man's diatribe, while a 911 operator on the hard-done passenger's phone chips in about not engaging the irate motorist.

Something-something "I didn't do nothing."

Something-something "being a fool."

Angry Hummer Man then goes on to learn a valuable lesson himself -- as a police cruiser pulls up behind him.

Something about the consequences of being a dick.

A triumph, it seems, for the little guy who happily rhymes off a list of offences Angry Hummer Man is likely to face:

  • Fail to remain at scene
  • Careless driving
  • Fail to report accident
  • Improper turn

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