08/22/2013 03:12 EDT | Updated 08/23/2013 02:28 EDT

Fog Rolling Over Mountains: Lark Harbour Newfoundland Spectacle Bedazzles (VIDEO)


Okay, wait, wait. There's a car driving through the wall of mist.

It's cool.

A YouTube video posted earlier this week, shows an utterly bedazzling -- and totally non-lethal -- wall of fog cascading down Newfoundland's Long Range Mountains.

Apparently, nature's just moving the fog over the mountains. And, as it dissipates in the heat on the other side, it seems to flow into nothing at all.

In the clip, awestruck observers soak up the spectacle in silence, save for a smattering of "that's unbelievable" "cool" and "freaky."

And, as the emerging motorist kindly demonstrates, this phenomenon is 100 per cent free of ravenous, trans-dimensional creatures bent on ushering in Armageddon.

By the way, here's the aforementioned bad mist. Please take the time to know your mist.

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