08/23/2013 02:33 EDT | Updated 10/23/2013 05:12 EDT

Bacon burglar: Dan Aykroyd pig stolen from Winnipeg barbecue restaurant

WINNIPEG - A pig with Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd's name on it is missing from a Winnipeg restaurant.

Roger LeBleu of Lovey’s BBQ says someone broke into his restaurant early this morning.

The thief or thieves didn't get away with much — except for a cute ceramic pig autographed by Aykroyd.

LeBleu admits the ornament only has sentimental value, but he'd like to have it back.

The pig has black sunglasses and a black fedora, and looks a bit like a character from "The Blues Brothers," a 1980 movie Aykroyd starred in with the late John Belushi.

LeBleu says he's really sad to lose the mini porker.

"This we had signed by Dan Aykroyd when he was in town last time promoting his alcohol. We had a wonderful morning that day. Great memories," LeBleu said.

"He brought back a couple of his T-shirts and a big bag of ribs back to Ontario with him.”

Aykroyd, 61, rose to fame with his comedic performances on "Saturday Night Live" and with roles in "The Blues Brothers" and "Ghostbusters" movies.

He received an Oscar nomination for his supporting turn as the son in the 1989 movie "Driving Miss Daisy."

He is also behind a vodka made in Newfoundland and a winery.

This is not the first time Aykroyd's name has come in connection with a piggy. A biography says he was expelled from St. Patrick's College in Toronto when he dressed up a pig as the Pope.

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